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Feelgood School Program: Offering Tailored Fitness and Nutrition Packages for Primary and Secondary Schools

6-week Package

This is a 6-week block offered to both primary and Secondary schools.

I have a no. of packages to suit your school size and needs. I can deliver 6-week fitness programs, 6-week nutrition, and healthy eating programs, or a combination of the 2.

I can also offer weekly Yoga classes or a package including Yoga

School fitness programs

Nutrition education

Yoga and Wellness

TY Wellness Packages

As a Nutritionist, strength and conditioning coach and yoga instructor, I take a very holistic approach, helping TYs find balance in their day. I can come in on a 6 week program or create a bespoke package to suit the school needs

Nutrition education and cookery demos



Nutrition talks/demos

I am extremely passionate about healthy food and deliver talks and food demos to schools, Wellness week is a very popular week for me so if you are interested get booking!!! we are bombarded with mixed marketing messages and people are confused about what is healthy and not. In my talks and food demos, i simplify how to eat well in a time efficient and affordable way

Healthy food made easy

Family friendly dinners

high protein foods

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